A realistic simulation of Earth in 2100

Our Mission

We want to spark human climate action by touching people’s imagination through a realistic visual simulation of the Earth in 2100. This simulation shows the condition of our planet’s environment and cities if we proceed with current CO2 emission output.

The purpose is to let people see and feel future possible consequences for their home and their environment based on scientific verified data (e.g. from NASA) and move them hencewith into taking climate action.

Video sources: Google Earth Studio and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


Humans on this planet aren’t taking action quickly enough on the current climate crisis. With the current climate policies in place we are heading for a possible +4,1 °C higher global average temperature in 2100*. This has dire consequences for humanity and this planet’s ecosystems.

Climate change is happening right now, however western societies are not confronted with it on a daily basis like other regions in the world currently are. The topic is very abstract and data heavy that is hard to digest for people.

Detailed graphs, world 2D maps with different colours, abstract data is not relatable to a lot of humans and triggering them into action. We would like to bring the consequences for the future closer to today’s western doorstep.

*based on data from the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), December 2019.

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Top image credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020